The Hit Song
“My Angel Baby”

Balde Silva, a.k.a. Toby Beau is a musician from the state of Texas, and leader of the Toby Beau Band. He is most commonly known for co-writing the hit song My Angel Baby with Danny McKenna.

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"Toby Beau," commonly refers to the Texas band formed in the early 70's most commonly known for the hit single, "My Angel Baby" in 1978. Though little is known around the world about this band past this top fifteen single, the band is, in fact, still in existence today, and continues to perform in the club circuit.

Formed in the Rio Grande Valley, the original members included guitarists Danny McKenna, Balde Silva, Art Mendoza, bassist Steve Zipper and drummer Rob Young. After numerous club performances around South Texas, the band moved to San Antonio, Texas and received a major record deal from RCA (now BMG). This deal would recruit the production talents of Sean Delaney, who at the time was also producing a young band named "KISS". In addition, guitarist Mendoza was replaced with guitarist and banjo extraordinaire Ron Rose, who added a sort of County-flavor to the band.

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